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Zero-click searches

When a user finds the answer to their search directly in the search results page without clicking on a website.

Yellow journalism

Biased and sensationalized reporting techniques, generally avoided in ethical content marketing.


Immersive technologies like AR and VR used to create engaging content experiences.

Synonyms - eXtended Reality
Word-of-mouth marketing

Earned marketing, where satisfied customers spread positive recommendations about your brand

Synonyms - WOMM
Web 3.0
Web 3.0 may refer to: Semantic Web, often called Web 3.0 Web3 (also sometimes referred to as Web 3.0) is a general idea for a decentralized Internet based on public blockchains Web3 Foundation, founded by Gavin Wood, an English computer scientist and co-founder of Ethereum
Synonyms - Web3ENG
Web 2.0

refers to the era of the post-dot-com bubble, indicating the changes in WWW technologies and web design that enhance creativity, enable safer information sharing on the web, and improve the quality of collaboration and functionality.

Synonyms - Web 2.0
Web 1.0

Web 1.0 is a retronym that denotes the initial phase of web development from 1999 to 2004.

Synonyms - Web 1.0
Viral marketing

Content designed to spread rapidly through online sharing

Unique Selling Proposition

What makes your brand stand out from competitors.

Synonyms - USP

A trendsetter is someone who leads the way in fashion, style, or ideas, introducing new trends and influencing others to adopt them. This person is often ahead of their time, setting new standards and directions in their field of influence. Trendsetters can be found in various domains, including but not limited to fashion, technology, music, and lifestyle. They have a keen sense for what's innovative and appealing, and through their choices and actions, they inspire others to follow. Their influence can change the way people dress, behave, consume, or think about certain topics, often leading to these new preferences becoming widespread among the general public.

TOFU - Top of the Funnel

Top of the Funnel is one of the segments of the 'sales funnel,' representing the initial stage (ToFu - Top of the Funnel, MoFu - Middle of the Funnel, BoFu - Bottom of the Funnel).

The first stage of the user's journey when they know nothing about our product. Our goal is to generate awareness of our product/service among potential users.

Synonyms - Cold Audience

The selection of a specific audience for advertising purposes, those to whom you want your ads to be displayed, your potential customers...

Synonyms - Targeting, Audience Segmentation

"Subscription-based" refers to a pricing model where customers pay a recurring fee to access a product or service. This fee can be charged weekly, monthly, annually, or at other predefined intervals.

Social Media

Social media is interactive technologies that simplify communication. They assist us in sharing information, interests, and ideas in various forms within the virtual space.

Synonyms - Social Media

A roadmap represents the strategic goals and stages related to a company's future activities.

Retargeting- Remarketing

The process of bringing potential website visitors back to your site once by showing them visible ads.

Synonyms - Retargeting , Remarketing

How many unique people saw the ad

Synonyms - Reach

The number of unique individuals who have seen your advertisement

Synonyms - Reach, Audience access
Qualitative research

Understanding user behavior and perceptions through methods like interviews or surveys.

Purchase / Conversion Value

The value of the product or service that has been sold

Synonyms - PCV

Purchase means a visitor has bought your product or service.

Synonyms - completion of a transaction

A pixel is a special code, often associated with Facebook, that is integrated into your website. It allows for retargeting and creating audiences based on interactions with your ads. It provides valuable information related to the effectiveness of your advertising.


Paywall refers to content that is behind a paid barrier, where users need to subscribe or pay to access specific content. Patreon is a popular example where content creators register and provide exclusive information to subscribers in exchange for a fee.

Synonyms - Paywall, Paid content
Outbound CTR%

(Click Through Rate) indicates the percentage of people who have seen an ad and clicked on it.

Synonyms - Click Through Rate
Outbound Click

Outbound Click refers to a user clicking on an advertisement, and as a result, they are directed to a specific page on a website.

Synonyms - OC
Native advertising

Ads that blend seamlessly with their surrounding content.


a means, cinema as a medium, video as a medium, text as a medium, and sound.

Synonyms - through the medium of, medium, by means of medium

Margin is the percentage by which sales revenue exceeds costs.

Synonyms - Profit

LTV, or Lifetime Value, refers to the average revenue a business can expect from a single customer during their interaction or engagement period.

Lookalike Audience

Creating lookalike audiences allows us to generate similar audiences based on various parameters, which can include website visitors who share similarities, audiences with characteristics similar to current customers, and more. These audiences are often used for targeted advertising and marketing campaigns.

Synonyms - Lookalike Audiences
Landing Page View

The number of visitors who have landed on a specific page of our website.


A main parameter that demonstrates success. Synonyms: Key Performance Indicator

Synonyms - Key Performance Indicator

Journalling: Sharing personal experiences and insights to connect with your audience.


In online advertising, impressions specifically refer to the number of times your ad appears on a website, app, or social media platform. This includes instances where it might be hidden below the fold, obscured by other elements, or simply not noticed by the user

Synonyms - Impressions

The total number of times an ad was displayed (not unique views) in total.


Initiate Checkout refers to a visitor who has taken the initial step in the online shopping process by proceeding to the checkout page, signaling their intent to make a purchase.

Synonyms - Initiate Checkout

a digital space that ensures the secure storage and accessibility of your content for users.

Synonyms - web hosting, web hosting, hosting, web hosting
Halo effect

When positive associations with one product or service influence people's perception of another related offering.

Guerilla marketing

Guerilla marketing: Unconventional, low-cost marketing tactics.


Frequency refers to how often an advertisement or content has been seen by an individual. It measures the number of times one person has viewed your ad or content.


Feedback refers to the information, comments, reviews, or criticisms provided by users or customers about a service or product. It is a way for individuals to express their thoughts, opinions, and experiences related to a particular service or product.

Synonyms - Input, Comment, Review, Critique

Facebook: A Giant in the Social Media Landscape


Ultimately, the specific meaning of "events" in digital marketing depends on the context. Knowing the surrounding information, such as the source of the term or the target audience, will help you interpret its meaning accurately.


Event is the term used to describe any essential user action or operation carried out by visitors on your site or within an application. This could encompass viewing a product page, adding an item to the cart, proceeding to the payment page, making a purchase, and more.

Engagement Rate

Engagement Rate represents the overall level of involvement of users on your platform. It is calculated based on actions such as clicks, likes, comments, shares, and views. It reflects the extent to which users interact with your advertisements or content.

Synonyms - Interaction Rate, Participation Rate

To put it simply, a domain is the internet address of a website.

Synonyms - domain; address
Custom Audience

Custom Audience refers to a specific group of users that you create based on various parameters and criteria. These parameters can include website visitors, existing customers, or any other specific segments you wish to define. Custom Audiences are often used for targeted advertising or messaging to a particular group of users, making them a valuable tool in marketing and engagement strategies.

Synonyms - User Segments, Tailored Audiences, Audience Templates

Click-Through Rate, is a percentage that represents how many users clicked on your advertisement or content compared to the number of times it was shown (impressions). It's a common metric used to measure the effectiveness of online advertising or content marketing campaigns.

Synonyms - Click Through Rate

Call to Action / When advertising our products or services, we provide the user with a phrase, image, or button for some type of action (e.g., Shop now, Learn More, Sign up, etc.)

Synonyms - Action Request

Cost per outbound click in a specific advertisement.

Synonyms - Cost per outbound click

რეკლამის 1000 ჯერ ნახვის ფასი

Synonyms - Cost per mille ,1000 impressions

CPM stands for "Cost per Mille" or "Cost per 1000 impressions." It represents the cost of advertising for every 1000 times an ad is viewed.

Synonyms - Cost per mille ,1000 impressions

Cost Per Click (CPC) is the cost incurred for each click on an advertisement, particularly on social media platforms when users click on an ad's link.

Synonyms - Cost Per Click

"Cost Per Acquisition" (CPA) is the cost associated with acquiring a new customer or lead through a specific action, such as a registration on a website. It represents how much you spend to gain a new customer or conversion. For example, if you spend $100 on advertising to acquire 10 new customers through registrations on your website, your CPA would be $10 per acquisition.

Synonyms - Cost Per Acquisition
Cost per Purchase

Cost Per Single Sold Product.

Synonyms - CPP
Cost Per Landing Page View

საიტის გვერდზე ერთი გადასვლის ფასი.

Cost Per A2C

The cost of adding to the cart (advertising expense).


In digital marketing, "conversion" refers to an action taken by a user that's considered valuable to your business. This action can happen on your website, landing page, app, or through other digital channels. It represents the point where a potential customer moves from simply interacting with your brand to completing a desired action.

Business Manager

On Facebook, your business's control panel. The Business Manager serves as your hub for managing not only Facebook pages but also advertising accounts and pixels that you have set up on websites


Means an advantage or a gain.

When it comes to understanding the benefits of a particular product, service, or concept, a clear and concise description is crucial. Without a proper explanation of the advantages, it becomes challenging to grasp their significance and make informed decisions. Whether it's a new technology, a marketing strategy, or a healthcare solution, a thorough understanding of the benefits is essential for individuals and businesses alike.

Synonyms - Benefit, benefits, of the benefit

Average selling price of all products.

Synonyms - Average Order Value
Add Account

On Facebook, to utilize the advertising functionality, it is necessary to create an advertising account from which you can manage all advertising campaigns, budgets, and configure the desired ads.

Synonyms - Advertising Account, Facebook Advertising Account, Advertising Account on Facebook

The visitor added a product to the cart.

Synonyms - Add to Cart