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The visitor added a product to the cart.

1. App-to-App Conversion:

This interpretation assumes A2C stands for "App-to-App." In this case, "A2C" would refer to the average cost you incur for each successful conversion between two different mobile apps. This could involve users clicking on an ad or link within one app and completing a desired action (e.g., making a purchase, signing up for a service) within another app. Measuring this metric is relevant for app marketers focusing on user acquisition and cross-promotion strategies.

2. Acquisition-to-Completion:

Here, A2C could stand for "Acquisition-to-Completion." In this case, "A2C" would refer to the average cost of acquiring a user and then having them complete a desired action within your platform, app, or website. This action could be anything from making a purchase to watching a video or completing a multi-step process. This metric is useful for understanding the overall effectiveness of your acquisition efforts and their impact on user engagement and completion rates.

3. Account-to-Contact:

If A2C stands for "Account-to-Contact," "A2C" might refer to the average cost of converting an account (e.g., lead, website visitor) into a direct contact. This could involve getting them to fill out a contact form, subscribe to a newsletter, or engage in direct communication with your sales team. This metric is valuable for B2B marketing campaigns focused on lead generation and nurturing.

Determining the Exact Meaning:

The actual meaning of "A2C" depends heavily on the context in which you encountered it. If you can provide more information about where you saw this term used, I can offer a more accurate interpretation and its potential value for your specific marketing needs.

For example, was it mentioned in a specific marketing report, discussed during a meeting, or seen on a platform you're unfamiliar with? Any additional details can help clarify the intended meaning and its potential value for your campaigns.

Synonyms: Add to Cart