Website Price and its Calculation

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Site Price and its determining factors

There are questions where there are no definitive answers, such as: What does it cost to build a website?

To determine the desired and necessary website price for you, it is essential to have answers to some important questions, such as:

  1. What type of website do you want?

Business Website: Websites of this type are used to provide information about a product or service, how to contact you, or what your business represents. It's a way for potential customers to get in touch and learn about your product or service.

Ecommerce Website: With this type of website, you can sell your products or services online. Customers can register, add desired products to their shopping cart, and proceed through the purchase process.

News / Blog Website: Websites with various categories of articles, providing news and information on different topics. An online magazine or journal.

Portfolio Website: This is a personal site for a specific field, showcasing your portfolio for potential clients to see your work. Such sites typically include an "About Me" page, a comments section, and a contact form.

Catalog: This is an online store, a system for purchasing. This is a page with an online catalog and a purchase system.

Landing Page, also known as a sales page: A promotional site dedicated to a single product or service. Its goal is to generate interest and increase sales.

Complex websites can combine the functionality of multiple different types of websites.


2) What type of design do you want? The design of your site is one of the most important determining factors for the price of the site.

  • Template Design: In the case of template design, you have preset design options, and you can choose from various design variants that suit your desired visual style. The use of template designs can save you both time and money in the site creation process, as well as costs.
  • Individual Design: Such a design is tailored to your needs and preferences.
  • Individual design will significantly increase the price and development time of your site.


3) What functionality do you want for the website?

  • E-commerce
  • Social media integration
  • Number of pages
  • Integration of delivery services
  • Payment system integration, and more

It is essential to note that the more complex the functionality, the higher the price and development time for the site.

You can use the site's functional calculator to calculate the indicative price based on your site's functionality and orientation.


4) Time needed for development

For the development of a simple website, it usually takes one to two weeks, even though, for complex websites, development can extend to several months. The time required for site development directly influences its cost.

Other significant factors that impact website expenses and are vital to consider are:

  1. Quality of Design: Higher-quality design, including accurate coding and fewer errors, results in a higher website cost.

  2. Site Features & Maintenance: If you intend to have your site periodically monitored and updated by developers post-completion, this will involve additional expenses. As a general rule, within the first few months of site development, you cannot expect your website to work correctly, and the expenses also apply to it.

  3. Hosting & Domain Costs: The cost of the domain (usually around 30 USD annually) and hosting service fees (starting at 10 USD per month) are not included in the website's cost, and you will need to pay these separately. Be sure to calculate this into your overall budget.

Before deciding who will develop your website, go through the process with several companies based on these points, and let them tell you whether they can or cannot meet your preferences! It's recommended to have a detailed contract to ensure both parties are aware of their responsibilities.

Do you want to know the cost for your website? These recommendations will definitely help in the website preparation process, for more detailed advice, feel free to give us a call or get in touch with us!