Wordpress მითები და რეალობა (ვორდპრესი)

Are WordPress Websites Really Bad!? Myths and Reality

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The most prevalent myths about WordPress 


1. Owning a WordPress site is risky, as they are often hacked

Myth: WordPress sites are defenseless and easily compromised.

Truth: WordPress core is secure. However, vulnerabilities can arise from poorly sourced or outdated plugins, making it a potential target for hackers. This applies to both WordPress and any other site.

2. WordPress sites are extremely slow

Myth: WordPress sites load slowly.

Truth: While the WordPress engine isn't inherently as fast as a Porsche, it's more like a versatile BMW. It can perform like a Porsche if not overloaded with excessive plugins, paired with good hosting, and optimized for speed.

3.WordPress can't handle large loads

Myth: WordPress cannot manage large databases and high traffic.

Truth: If you're planning the next Facebook or Amazon, WordPress might not be the best fit. However, for a news agency, WordPress is an excellent option for publishing hundreds of articles daily. As statistics show, numerous successful large-scale sites are powered by WordPress.

4. WordPress sites are unprofessional

Myth: WordPress sites are amateurish.

Truth: WordPress sites may appear unprofessional only if directly involving an inexperienced programmer. However, considering the extensive number of plugins and designs available, the developer community numbers in the tens of thousands. Such widespread involvement in the development world indicates a high level of professionalism. Therefore, a code written by a single genius programmer with unique functionality is still superior to a frequently tested and reliable CMS like WordPress. Essentially, what can be achieved with CMS is rationally preferable unless seeking a solution that is often more expensive and time-consuming, with questionable quality results.


5. WordPress blocks credit card payment systems

Myth: WordPress blocks credit card payment systems.

Truth: The belief that WordPress, being free, is insecure and rejected by banks for payment system integration is a misconception. In reality, WordPress sites easily integrate bank credit card payment systems. This compatibility is largely due to the availability of numerous secure and tested plugins, ensuring that WordPress can effectively handle financial transactions. This dispels the notion that WordPress is unsuitable for financial dealings, confirming its reliability and security in handling online payments.

6."All WordPress sites are the same"

Myth: WordPress only offers template designs.

Truth: Even if that were the case, you would inevitably find your desired design among the thousands of WordPress designs available. However, WordPress enables the creation of unique, personalized designs, exactly as you envision them. Crafting a unique design requires additional work, which consequently increases time and costs.

7."WordPress has poor SEO"

Myth: WordPress is weak in SEO.

Truth: Thousands of WordPress sites hold top positions in their segments on Google. WordPress is one of the most SEO-friendly CMS platforms, and its multitude of plugins further simplifies optimizing your site for search engines.

8."WP is only meant for blogs"

Myth: WordPress sites are only good for blogs.

Truth: Initially, from 2003 to 2006, WordPress truly was solely a blogging platform. However, subsequent extensive development work has transformed WordPress into a multifunctional, professional CMS.


9.WordPress sites are often perceived as unsophisticated and of low quality

Myth: WordPress sites are commonplace because they are free, implying that they are amateurish and unprofessional.

Truth: Indeed, WordPress is free and is used by top-tier websites such as Sony Music, BBC America, Mercedes-Benz, and The New Yorker. Since 2018, WordPress has also been employed by the U.S. Administration for the White House's official website.


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WordPress, like any popular platform, is often misunderstood and becomes the target of rumors. Sometimes, these rumors are generated accidentally, but frequently they are intentionally spread by groups offering similar services to WordPress, but at a much higher cost. The reality is that WordPress is a powerful, versatile, and secure Content Management System (CMS) capable of satisfying at least 80% of the needs of small and medium business owners in Georgia.