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No follow link

A "no-follow" link is a type of hyperlink that is not considered by search engines as a page endorsement. This means that it does not contribute to the page's ranking and does not (or hardly) influence its ranking on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). No-follow links are typically used when you do not want to pass on ranking to the linked page. Generally, "follow" links are more commonly used.

Nofollow Link:

  • A "nofollow link" tells search engines not to follow the link and not to pass on any link juice. This link type generally doesn't impact your SEO ranking directly.
  • Why use it?
    • Prevents spammy or irrelevant links from influencing your ranking.
    • Avoids passing link juice to unwanted websites.
    • Useful for sponsored content, user-generated content, and social media links.
  • Examples:
    • Comments sections.
    • Sponsored content disclaimers.
    • Social media buttons with nofollow tags.

Key Points:

  • Focus on acquiring more "follow links" from high-quality, relevant websites to improve your SEO ranking.
  • Use "nofollow links" responsibly to avoid harming your SEO and maintain site quality.
  • The importance of each type of link depends on your specific SEO goals and website context.

Additional factors:

  • Anchor text within the link can also influence SEO, so choose relevant and descriptive keywords.
  • Link quality matters more than quantity, so prioritize natural links from authoritative sources.
  • Building a healthy backlink profile with a mix of follow and nofollow links is crucial for a sustainable SEO strategy.