Offer Price

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Offer Price

The price at which a company seeks to sell its shares in an initial public offering (IPO). 

"Offer price" can have different meanings depending on the context, but generally it refers to the price at which something is being offered for sale. Here are some common contexts where you might encounter "offer price":


  • Initial Public Offering (IPO): The price per share at which a company's stock is first offered to the public.
  • Trading: The price at which a seller is willing to sell an asset, such as a stock, bond, or commodity. This is also called the ask price.
  • Debt market: The interest rate a borrower is willing to pay to investors for a loan.


  • Retail: The price displayed on a product for purchase.
  • Negotiation: The price a seller initially proposes for a good or service, open to further discussion.
  • Auctions: The highest bid currently placed on an item.


  • Real estate: The price the seller is asking for a property.
  • Job market: The salary or compensation package offered to a candidate.
Synonyms: IPO